No More Prayers

No More Prayers The news comes in every day The names and places change But it’s always the same Sure, some days are more brutal than others But it’s still our sisters Still our brothers It’s in Africa, Asia, Europe, and here too It’s villages and towns Paris and Beirut Beheadings and bombs Machetes and … Continue reading »

Designs for writers

I’ve had a store on Zazzle for a while now and recently made some designs (and an entire category) for things for writers. My favorite thing to tell writers is, “Just. Keep. Writing.” so you can find that on a macbook cover, a mug, and on the front of my promotional shirts for this site. … Continue reading »

Liberal Rant

This is something I posted on the book of faces today and thought I should put it here as well. <<<RANT WARNING>>> In case you’re new to me, what I believe, and those things for which I advocate, here’s a list. I have zero desire to hear opinions from the other side of these positions … Continue reading »

Turtle Do

A number of things collided and as a result, I now look like this: October is breast cancer awareness month. I’ve known a number of women who have had various types of cancers and lived through the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. They all lost their hair. I have a habit of growing my hair long … Continue reading »

Cover Reveal

I have a degree in fine arts and have very specific designs in mind for my work. However, my degrees are in photography from back in the dark ages when the computers we worked on were Apple IIe’s. So, I am decidedly lacking in the technical skills needed to do digital design. It’s not that … Continue reading »


I saw a quote about gratitude this morning. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” taken from a longer thought on gratitude by Melodie Beattie and expounded upon by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yesterday, as I was purging and packing to move, I ended up throwing out and giving away much more than I am taking with … Continue reading »

American Values

When I see people throwing around the phrase, “American values” I don’t feel a sense of pride nor do I usually want to follow or find out anything about the person saying it. Recently, the same people saying they want a return to American values are the homophobic, racist, misogynistic Christians who don’t see their … Continue reading »

First Kiss

Tell me my love Between slow deep kisses Where we melt into each other And time stands still Trapped inside a sphere Containing only us And our love Tell me my love Of your memories Of that first kiss The feeling of electricity Sparking between our lips When time didn’t simply stand still It ceased … Continue reading »

Gestating Words

In case you hadn’t heard, I’ll be birthing another book in the (relatively) near future. And much like an actual pregnancy, the closer I get to the end, the more I just want it to be over with. I’d have to go look through my tweets to see when I started working on this one, … Continue reading »